Sketch 64 Updates

  1. Version 64



    New in Sketch 64

    • Better Search Searching for Symbols and styles is now easier and more intuitive. Fuzzy search is here, which means you no longer have to type the exact name of a Component to find what you need. We’ve also cleaned up the results to make it easier to scan through, and we’ve moved the search bar to the top of the the Components Panel, Layer List and Components Menu.
    • Introducing Tints With Tints, you can change the color of an entire Symbol or group, without relying on complex workarounds and multiple Layer Styles. They’re also easy to override, which makes them great for creating icons with multiple states. Tints work best with single-color Symbols and groups that make use of multiple opacities, like icons or tabs in a menu. You’ll find the new Tints option under the Style heading in the Inspector when you select any Symbol or group.
    • Components Menu Improvements Based on your feedback, we’ve completely redesigned the Components Menu to once again use the fly-out menus that you know and love. We’ll still make it easy to switch between Components from the same group and search for Components from every Library in your document, but for those of you who preferred the old menus, we’re happy to say that we’ve brought them back.