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We're Larry and Norma Holt. SketchPad is our graphic design business.

We are deadline-driven professionals, with a passion for web standards, set on providing the best online presence for all kinds of platforms. We have 25+ years of experience working with a mix of small businesses and organizations. We know what it takes to launch a product or business, and to grow an existing business. Afterall, we were doing that for years before the world dawned.

We specialize in CSS web development. We guarantee creative, search engine-friendly websites, intuitive, appealing digital interfaces, and cost-effective web design consulting. We pledge devotion to giving you a great website and super marketing materials. That's because we're small enough to give each client the personal attention and time he deserves. And, we have the skills and experience to carry out our pledge. That's what you want, right?

Larry started SketchPad in the late 1980s, long before the Internet. His career began in Ohio right out of high school. Working in the electronics department with North Electric (PECO) until he entered the Army for six years. While in the Army, he did construction and electrical drafting and cartography. When he came home he worked in drafting and tech writing for Galion Manufacturing. After serviving a number of company downsizings, he eventually landed in Southern California where he did tech wrinting for Haynes Publications; a consumer auto repair manual producer, Vector Graphic; a PC computer manufacturer and then started and managed the publications department for Alpharel; a computer hardware manufacturer.

Norma joined SketchPad after retiring from Ventura High School. In addition to teaching English classes, she also taught journalism, yearbook, and creative writing. Seeing that the new-fangled personal computers held special promise for education and publications, she started a learning lab at VHS. She pestered Larry to teach her everything he knew about computer graphics.

Even though there was little to know or to teach in computer graphics back then, we've stuck with it and have learned quite a bit in the sixteen years since we created our first website. We're really pleased that so many of our early clients stuck it out with us, letting us help them achieve their goals. We hope you also will give us a chance to be part of achieving your goals.

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